1. What is your last name?

I’m Stewart

I’m Laura’s Brother, Jason.

It’s Logan


2. Where do you live?

I don’t live in the suburbs. I prefer the city

I live with my parents. We get along very well

I’m from Japan. But I grew up in Italy

Quite close to the railroad, at 243, Fifth Street

3. Tell me about your work

I do business with different countries around Asia

I usually work out in the mornings

I have an office in Atlanta that buy and import goods.

I’m a professional singer, but nowadays I’m working as a bartender at a club

4. Tell me about your last vacation

I had lots of fun. I rented a car with my cousin and we visited seven countries in Europe

I would like to take a cruise to Puerto Rico along with some friends

I wish I could stay home and rest … I’ve been so tired lately

I will travel to Dubai, it’s a place in the middle East.

5. Describe your personality

I’m an easy-going person … not as easy-going I would like to be … but that’s all right. I’m quite a normal person, in fact.

I get short-tempered and react aggressively when people don’t agree with me

In that case, I tend to be more radical … Actually, I’m the most radical person I know …I’m very friendly though.

It’s difficult to talk about him … although he is a bit selfish and spoiled … I think he is a nice guy.

6. What advice would you give to a man who wants to get a divorce

I guess I would have solved things as quick as possible

You had better not rush things. Think twice before taking any decision.

First, have a nice conversation with your husband-if you think there are any chances to save your marriage, try to do so. If there’s no way of avoiding the breakup, consult a lawyer.

You will have problems in the future. Don’t do this to me!

7. Tell me about your plans for the future

I’ll certainly move to a different country. That’s one of my greatest dreams

I was going to start working on a new project at a multinational company last week, but there were some problems abroad.

I guess I should start saving money to spend my last years reading and taking care of plants.

We intended to buy a house and start a small fantasy business, That’s all we wanted.

8. Tell us about some task that you’ve been doing and you dislike

Nothing gets more on my nerves that babysitting people. And I have been doing this for a quite while.

I have been trying to finish a web designer course which I totally love … but I always miss the last classes.

I have been disliking your attitudes with my children

I haven’t run training for new employees yet. I believe I wouldn’t like it.

9. What is your opinion about prejudice

I believe that god made us different to help us better understand our need of one another. So, any sort of prejudice is a version of human ignorance.

I’m afraid people act with prejudice because they have fear … when people are with fear they do wrong things.

I don’t agree with all sort of prejudice. It’s disrespect with all persons. I’m totally against it.

I don’t get why people act as this. People should not be judged because of their skin color or social status.

10. Mark’s a politician that finds out probes of corruption against many of his colleagues, he decides to destroy them. If you had been in Mark’s place what would you have done.

I might have called a meeting to explain the what happened and told them that it has been my duty to deliver this proofs to the police.

I would have felt terrible … But in spite of this feeling I would have given them in.

I wouldn’t do the same. Friendship should not come first on this case

I must have hidden or destroyed the proof as well.